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Galatians 4:19-31 The True Children of  Abraham

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  • Paul has told the Galatians that the false teachers who are pursuing them don’t really want the Galatians to grow in Christ – they want to make the Galatians dependent on them.

Paul’s Godly Concern

  • Paul is truly seeking the Galatian Christians’ welfare. (4:18)
  • Paul hungers for _______ to be “formed” in each Galatian Christian. (4:19)
  • ______ wishes he could be with them now to help them sort this out. (4:20)

The Son of the Flesh (works) and the Son of the Promise (Faith)

  • If the Galatians really understood the Law, they would understand that the ______ _________ itself supports what Paul is telling them. (4:21)
  • Abraham’s son by _______ (the bondwoman) was “born according to the flesh;” that is his birth had nothing to do with faith, and he was not the “seed” that God had promised to __________.  (4:23a)
  • Abraham’s son by ______ was born according to the promise, so his birth was a result of Abraham’s faith in that promise. (4:23b)
  • Mount _______ represents the children of Abraham who are only physically related, and who are still in bondage to the works of the flesh. This system dominates the physical city of Jerusalem as well. (4:24-25)
  • The children of Abraham who are children of faith are citizens of a heavenly _______ (4:26) and children of the promise (4:27-28)
  • Just as Ishmael persecuted _______, so the physical children of Abraham persecuted the spiritual children of ________. (4:29)
  • The children of the flesh will not inherit with the children of _______. (4:30)

Children of Abraham by Flesh

Children of Abraham by Faith

Born of a bondwoman (Hagar)

Born of a free woman (Sarah)

Born according to “the flesh” (Ishmael)

Born according to the promise (Isaac)

Represented by Mount Sinai

and contemporary Jerusalem

Represented by Heavenly Jerusalem

Will not inherit the promise

Will inherit the promise

Which do You want to be?

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