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Galatians 5: 1-16 – Guided by Faith, Hope, and Love

Written by Paul D. Race for


  • Paul is cautioning the Galatian disciples against being turned from a Gospel of Faith to a “gospel of works.”  He has shown the Galatians that even the Old Testament history shows that Abraham’s faith in God’s promise outweighs the deeds of the flesh.

The Spirit Works through Faith, Hope and Love

  • Salvation through faith gives us freedom, and we only hurt ourselves when we try to go back to earning salvation through ______. (5:1) 
  • Trying to be _______ by works as well as faith nullifies the work of faith and grace in our lives. (5:2-4)
  • Through the Spirit and by faith, believers have the blessed hope of ____________; we are guided in our day-to-day decisions by love. (5:5-6)

A Little Leaven Leavens the Whole Batch of Dough

  • God is not behind any doctrine that nullifies the work of the _____. (5:7-8)
  • Accepting even a little bit of false teaching in this matter will eventually cause our entire spiritual experience to be tainted, as well as tainting those around us. (5:9)
  • The false teacher(s) will receive __________ in time. (5:10)

Liberty, License, Law, Love?

  • Paul assures the ________ that he is opposed to the teachings of the Judaizers. (5:11-12)
  • Still, Paul cautions not to let our freedom in ________ encourage lax morals. (5:13a)
  • Our treatment of each other should always be guided by ______. (5:13b-14)
  • Allowing the _______ ________ to guide us according to this principle will help us to avoid living for the desires of the _________. (5:15-16)

Group Discussion:

  • Why might it be easier to accept a code of conduct than to have a heart that is right with God and be guided by love and the Holy Spirit?

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