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Galatians 1:10-2:16 The Authority of Paul’s Gospel

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  • Paul has heard that false teachers have entered the church, claiming to be better than Paul and insisting that the Gentiles need to keep the Mosaic Law to be saved.

Paul Has no Motive to Preach a False Gospel.

  • He is not seeking to please men but God. (1:10)

Paul Received the Gospel and his Calling Directly from Christ.

  • Paul did not receive his gospel or his calling at the hand of men, but directly from _______. (1:1, 1:11-12)
  • If anyone could be saved by works it would have been ______. (1:13-14)
  • But ______ had higher plans for Paul. (1:15-16a)
  • Having heard directly from ________, Paul did not find it necessary to go to church leaders asking permission to fulfill his mission. (1:16b -17)
  • When he did get to _____________, he met with Peter privately, but did not meet with the apostles as a group. (1:18-29)
  • He then ministered to the north and east of _______, even further away from the rest of the church. (1:21-22) During that time the church at ___________ knew him only by reputation. (1:23-24)

Paul’s Official Visit to Jerusalem

  • Fourteen years later, Paul felt led by God to go to Jerusalem with _________ and Titus (after Paul and Barnabas’ first missionary journey). (2:1-2)
  • There was conflict in __________ over how much of the Law Christians should keep. (2:3-5)
  • But the church leadership did not ask _____ and _________ to add the Law to their preaching; rather they encouraged them to carry on. (2:6-10)

Peter Dissembles at Antioch

  • Later, when _____ was at Antioch, Paul had reason to reproach him.  (2:11)
  • ___________ behaved differently around the Gentile Christians when his Jewish Christian friends came to town. (2:12-13)
  • __________ rebuked Peter publicly for apparently adding the Law to Grace, or at least caving in to those who did. (2:14-16)

Group Discussion:

  • Why does Paul stress that he did not receive the gospel “second-hand”?
  • Why did Paul feel it was necessary to rebuke Peter Publicly?

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