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Galatians 6:1-10 – Faith Begets Compassion

Written by Paul D. Race for


  • Paul has contrasted living by faith with living by works. He has pointed out that walking by the Spirit should keep us from feeling like we’re in competition with each other.

Interact with Compassion, Care, and Carefulness

  • Be compassionate when restoring those who have _____________. (6:1a)
  • At the same time be careful not to be similarly __________. (6:1b)
  • Bear one another’s burdens, which fulfills the ____________ of Christ. (6:2), (John 15:12), (Matt. 22:36-40)

Judge Yourself, not Each Other

  • Be careful not to fool yourself about how _____________ you are. (6:3)
  • Don’t ____________ your “spirituality” against others’. (6:4)
  • ____________ are ultimately responsible for yourself. (6:5)
  • Be supportive of those who are giving you spiritual ____________. (6:6)
  • Don’t think that if you’ve “gotten away with something,” _______ will also overlook it. (6:7)
  • What we do in and for the flesh will decay in time, but what we do in and of the _______ will benefit us for eternity. (6:8)

Make Doing Good for Others a Part of Your Life

  • Keep doing good; _______ will eventually repay us. (6:9)
  • Do the ________ that is “at hand” for others, especially for fellow believers. (6:10)

Group Discussion:

    If the Spirit of God is living in us, why do we have to be reminded to “do good.”?

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