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Galatians 6:11-18 – A Last Reminder and Entreaty

Written by Paul D. Race for


  • Paul has warned the Galatians against getting drawn into legalism and has encouraged them to live by the spirit instead of the flesh.

Summing Up Paul’s Concerns for the Galatians

  • Even Paul’s penmanship shows his concern. (6:11)
  • Those who are trying to make you become legalistic are chiefly concerned with making themselves look _______ and giving themselves something to ________ about. (6:12-13)
  • The Work of Christ and the New Creation
  • But Paul wishes only to _______ in Christ (6:14a)
  • Through Christ, the world has been ________ to Paul and Paul to the world (6:14b)
  • What matters is not keeping the _____ but being created anew. (6:15)
  • Blessings on those who live according to the Spirit (6:16-18)

Questions about Galatians

  • Why does Paul stress that he did not receive the gospel “second-hand”?
  • How does tolerating legalism hurt new believers?
  • Why does faith in Christ remove boundaries between kinds of people?
  • Why would a false teacher want to make disciples feel like they control access to the truth? (see Matthew 23:13)
  • Why might it be easier to accept a code of conduct than to have a heart that is right with God and be guided by love and the Holy Spirit?
  • Why can’t living by the Law help bring out the fruit of the Spirit?
  • If the Spirit of God is living in us, why do we have to be reminded to “do good”?

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