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Galatians 3:10-29 - Faith, the Oldest and Best Covenant

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  • False teachers have entered the Galatian churches, insisting that the Gentiles need to keep the Mosaic Law to be saved. Paul has argued that even Abraham, the father of the Jews, was saved by faith, not by the Law. 

The Law Holds Everyone Accountable to God

  • The Law judges (3:10) but faith brings ______ (3:11)
  • “Living by the _______” requires complete obedience (3:10, 12)
  • But, by allowing Himself to be punished as a law-breaker, Christ redeemed us from the _________ that comes through the Law. (3:13)
  • Through Jesus Christ, God’s blessing comes to the Gentiles, giving us the _________ _________ through faith. (3:14)

Which Covenant Binds the Faithful?

  • Even humans don’t go back and change a contract unilaterally once it has been signed, or change a will after the person has __________. (3:15)
  • Consequently, God’s promise to __________ still stands. (3:16)
  • The Law, which came 430 years later, does not invalidate God’s ___________ to Abraham. (3:17-18)

Why Was the Law Given?

  • The Law was given as a guide to right living, until _________ came. (3:19)
  • But the _________ itself could not give life or even create righteousness in the Law-keeper. (3:20-21)
  • Rather the Law has shown us how dependent we are on _______. (3:22-23)
  • In this way, the Law was a “tutor” (pedagogue) that taught us our need for ___________ in Christ. (3:24-25)

Is Salvation by Faith Different for Jews and Gentiles?

  • All who are ___________ into Christ are children of God. (3:26-27)
  • Salvation by faith in Christ does not discriminate between Jew and ________, slave and ________, or male and _______. (3:28)
  • We all belong to Jesus and are children of ___________. (3:29)

Group Discussion:

  • Why does faith in Christ remove boundaries between kinds of people?
  • Why might some people who had a position of advantage under a legalistic system prefer that to relying only on faith in Christ?

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