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Galatians 2:17-3:9 - Faith Preceded and Supersedes the Law

Written by Paul D. Race for


  • Paul has criticized those who add the Law to Grace, or at show fear of those who did. 

Faith and the Law do Not Work Together.

  • Paul explains that adding the Law to faith nullifies _____. (2:17-18, 21)
  • We are dead to the Law and alive to God through _______. (2:19-20)

Paul’s Challenge to the Galatians

  • Who has cast a spell on you to draw you away from the ______? (3:1a)
  • You clearly understood about ________ and His crucifixion. (3: 1b)
  • Did you receive the Spirit of God because you were obedient to the Law or because you believed the __________ when you heard it? (3:2)
  • What makes you think that obeying the ______ can add to your faith? (3:3)
  • If you didn’t cast your _______ away when you were suffering for it, why would you cast it aside now? (3:4)
  • Did God use the Law to give you the ____ _____, or did He use faith? (3:5)

Who are the True Children of Abraham?

  • God counted Abraham as __________ because of Abraham’s faith. (3:6)
  • The true children of ____________ are those who follow his example of faith in God. (3:7, 9)
  • This was what God meant when He promised to bless all ________ through Abraham. (3:8)

Group Discussion:

  • Can adding legalistic burdens to our Christian experience improve our faith or benefit us in any other way that counts for eternity?
  • Why might Christians who know they are saved by faith allow legalists to dictate “codes of conduct” or other extra-Biblical standards to them?
  • How might Christians tolerating, or even currying the favor of legalistic people hurt new believers?

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