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Online Music Class

This is where we will be posting articles about music theory, as well as buying, tuning, maintaining, learning, playing, and performing with acoustic instruments. We will focus on playing styles suitable for songleading or performing in noisy places.  We have a few articles ready to post, but there will be more.  Stay tuned. (No pun intended).

We are currently working on a detailed set of online lessons for flatpicking guitar, but, sadly, it will probably be a few more weeks before we have them ready to go.  On the other hand, we do have four articles about choosing and maintaining acoustic instruments. 

Our “Care and Choosing of Acoustic Instruments” articles that are designed to help you make the best choices, get the best value, and get the best performance out of your instrument. They include:

A few of our “Things to Think About” articles relate to music topics as well:


If you have created or know of other good resources we should post or link to here, please let us know.