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When I've attempted to teach musical instruments, I've always pointed out that you really don't understand your instrument until you understand music. Sadly, there are millions of wannabes out there who know a few chords, or a few songs, or a few licks, but think learning anything that takes  real work at is for suckers. And when they fail miserably to make any  kind of impact and blame everyone but the person in the mirror.

Learning the basics of popular music theory will help you:

  • Understand other people's songs
  • Learn other people's songs quicker
  • Play along on other people's songs without sheet music
  • Improve your ability to arrange songs
  • Significantly improve your ability to write songs

We have several articles in the works that should help you get  started. But these three are the only ones ready to publish, even in  draft form, at the moment. Stay tuned . . . :-)


If you have created or know of other good resources we should post or link to here, please let us know.

Paul Race playing a banjo. Click to go to Paul's music home page.A Note from Paul: Whatever else you get out of our pages, I hope you enjoy your music and figure out how to make enjoyable music for those around you as well.

And please stay in touch!

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