C Melody Selmer New York Stencil feedback
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Author:  paulrace [ Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  C Melody Selmer New York Stencil feedback

A reader writes:
Greetings and Blessings Brother Paul,
I absolutely enjoyed your article about your Selmer New York 'C' Melody Stencil. I happen to own one, and I believe that it is the Buescher instead of the Conn, because of the layout of the serial number, and that it does not have the Mercedes Key Gaurd, and it has the Buescher 'Knife Edge' on the Bell Gaurd. The Sr. # is 615xx, which should put it into 1920 according to the chart on's serial number chart. I bought it at an online auction from the estate of a New York Doctor or Lawyer, but the auction house had it all wrong. The listed it as an Alto Selmer New York from 1957-57.
Furthermore, I too am a Christian Musician/Evangelist and am friends with Steve Kirtley on Facebook. I play Christmas Carols and Old-Time Gospel Hymns on the intersections under the bridges from Thanksgiving to Easter on my 95-year-old Siver Street Sax 1922 Beaufort American Chicago USA Conn Stencil Alto Silver Plate that I have owned and played since 1964 7th Grade Band. I get to hand out about 3000 Bible and Salvation Tracts and pray for/with about 100 souls a week.

Please add me to your email lists, and if you are ever in San Antonio, Texas, give me a call (210.449.2503).

Soldiers Of The Cross
David R. Garza ><>
Amazing Grace Music Ministry



It's great to hear from you. I confess that I have sold both my C Melody and my C Soprano. Though they were fun to play, I never really adjusted to playing the C Soprano, and I never really got the tone I wanted out of my C Melody. Both went to Christians who wanted to use them in worship bands, so that's something. I have an alto and a tenor that have a beautiful tone, and a cheapo Bb soprano that I can get a good sound out of if I stay in practice, so I'm sticking with those for now.

We also talked our songleader out of pitching choruses in keys like A, E, and B, and that somewhat reduced my need for a C instrument. Nowadays, I don't play sax at all in church - politics, but I have played for the Salvation army and that was LOADS of fun. ... a_toot.htm

- Paul

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